Hillcore is a leading independent Canadian investment firm

Assets under management in excess of $4.5 billion

Hillcore is an active real estate investor, manager and developer

Hillcore is a leading Canadian Seniors Living Operator

Operating 21 homes in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick

Hillcore is a diversified industrial operator

Hillcore is a Life Sciences investor focused on developing solutions for cardiovascular diseases

Hillcore backs entrepreneurs with explosive technologies

Hillcore is committed to enhancing indigenous relations

Hillcore is committed to green energy development

Hillcore is an Active agricultural consolidator

Hillcore is commited to the most effective utilization of forest resources

Hillcore is an active financial trader

How can Hillcore work with you?

About Us


The Hillcore Group is a leading independent Canadian investment firm. We invest predominantly in the life sciences, real estate, seniors living, financial, industrial, forestry and energy sectors. We have offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Through our various groups and portfolio companies we employ more than 3,000 people throughout Canada.

Entities under our management have an asset value in excess of $4.5 billion. Since 2005, we have completed acquisitions, directly or indirectly through our investment funds, with an aggregate asset value in excess of $8.5 billion.

To learn more about our various operating groups, please make a selection below:

Real Estate

Hillcore is an active real estate investor, manager and developer

Seniors Living

Hillcore Seniors Living was established in 2005 to acquire & operate homes in the senior’s housing sector.


Hillcore Financial focuses on maximizing cash proceeds to Canadian business owners that are selling their assets or shares.

Asset Management

Hillcore’s asset management group is comprised of both a proprietary commodity and currency trading team

Capital Markets

Helping companies navigate through the complexities of the capital markets

Life Sciences

Leading innovative life science companies for the development of their drugs or medical technologies.


Hillcore is looking to acquire or make investments in growing industrial companies.


Hillcore’s technology group backs entrepreneurs, developers, and management teams with innovative technologies and business models delivering explosive growth.

Green Energy

Hillcore Green Energy is concentrated on commercial-scale renewable energy development.

Wood & Forestry

At Hillcore Group, we’re committed to the most effective utilization of forest resources.


Since 1996, Hillcore Agriculture has been a leading Canadian farm consolidator.

Indigenous Relations

Hillcore Group of Companies is committed to developing and partnering with Indigenous Communities

Other Industries

Hillcore is also looking to develop operating platforms in other industries.