Asset Management

Hillcore operates both a proprietary commodity and currency trading book and asset management group

Hillcore Asset Management

Hillcore’s asset management group is comprised of both a proprietary commodity and currency trading team, as well as a retail structured products group. We are always on the lookout for innovative trading strategies and unique financial products.

Wisdom Structured Investments

Wisdom Structured Investments™ is a Canadian financial structured products group with over 100 years executives’ business experience. We are focused on Helping Canadians Build a Healthier Financial Future™, and Helping Canadians Retire on Time®.


Hillcore is also a partner in AlphaDelta Funds

AlphaDelta Funds, a Canadian leader in actively managed investment funds,  is headquartered in Vancouver, BC and operates throughout Canada. AlphaDelta believes in the value of actively managed investment portfolios. Our mission is simple: we are driven to “Discover Great Investors”® for our clients. Let us introduce you to some of our Great Investors.