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Hillcore is an active real estate investor, manager and developer

Hillcore Real Estate

Hillcore Real Estate Investments Ltd. (“HREIL”) specializes in acquiring properties of all asset types. Through management and repositioning initiatives, HREIL offers its principals and partners attractive returns. Our primary goal is to create a diversified portfolio of income producing real estate properties across Canada.

HREIL’s track record has included approximately $1.7 billion worth of real estate transactions across Canada over the last 11 years. HREIL currently owns 17 properties across Canada. The assets in our portfolio currently include industrial, retail and office properties. Target acquisitions include assets with historically strong and stable cash flows or unique value-creation opportunities. HREIL has been the active partner for several large institutional financial partners.

Our team consists of leading professionals with a winning combination of industry experience, complementary skills and unflagging determination. We are committed to pursuing new acquisitions across Canada and maximizing the performance of investments.

HREIL Joint Venture with Romspen

In 2013, HREIL announced that it had entered into a joint venture arrangement with Romspen Real Estate Equities Ltd. (“Romspen”) to build a portfolio of income producing properties through selective acquisitions. The joint venture’s first acquisition closed in August 2012 when HREIL and Romspen purchased a multi-tenant industrial portfolio. The second acquisition, of a suburban office property, closed at the end of Q2-2013. The initial goal of the joint venture is to acquire $500 Million of real estate properties over the next five to seven years.